Vegan Burger Brothers
Virtual Franchise

Future proof – for the planet and your business.

Vegan Burger Brothers (VBB) is Bright Kitchen’s most successful online food brand operating with high margins and simple & efficient production, 100% Plant-Based. We approach food delivery as an e-commerce business and justify every decision based on data. Of course we have a killer burger as well! Our Royal Melt – the bestselling vegetarian dish on Deliveroo in 2019 and 2020. Did you know that 60% of our customers are meat-eaters?
We’ve tested, optimised and validated for 4 years in Amsterdam and starting in 2022 we are sharing our know-how, technology and brand with franchise partners throughout the Netherlands with a maximum of 2 partners per city. Interested? Leave your details below to receive all info.

Why become a VBB franchisee?
If you already own a kitchen on a good location and have capacity left, you can start earning extra income within weeks. We have lower food cost, lower startup fees of max €5000 and a future proof concept for the planet and your business.

What you need to get started
1. Location:
A good location and delivery range (we can help determine)
+ possibility to hand off orders to delivery drivers

2. Kitchen hardware:
One or two workbenches + one vegan
dedicated deep fryer + 500L Fridge & Freezer space. We provide you with an oven to prepare all our dishes.

3. Capacity and willingness
To grow your business and make more revenue between 17.00 and 21.00.

What we provide
1. Supplies and central negotiation power: The best negotiated rates for your supplies.
2. Brand & Marketing: The strongest marketing channels and partners, all taken care of.
3. Payments: You get paid weekly, no hassle with any customer transactions.
4. Training: We train your staff through our 24/7 available E-learning environment.
5. Improve and innovate: We provide dashboards, analysed data and give weekly tips
6. Technology: Our technology with 1 single tablet helps your staff to focus on cooking.
7. Service: account managers that are here for you when you need them.

We’ll have a maximum of 2 partners per region.

Interested? Leave your info below
And receive the full franchise info deck with examples on how much you can earn and how to get started.